Application for On-Campus Graduate Dormitory Swapping for Fall Semester 2023

Dear Students: Applications for on-campus dorm swapping for Graduate students are beginning soon.

Applicant Eligibility: Graduate students currently residing on on-campus dorms (excluding BOT Prince House residents)

Application Time: 10:00 AM, Sep. 11, 2023 (Mon.) to 5:00 PM, Dec. 29, 2023 (Fri.) (late applications will not be accepted)

Application Website:

Application Process:

  1. Please find another student to exchange with you.
  2. Both parties must first apply online.
  3. Both parties must inform their current dorm director; both dorm directors will confirm your intent to exchange in the system.
  4. After both dorm directors have confirmed, both parties must bring their student IDs to the Student Housing Service Division to confirm transfer and accommodation fee difference.
  5. After completion of the above procedure, both parties must move to their new dorms and check in within 7 days


  1. A student may only transfer dorms once a semester.
  2. Because students on the waiting list are still being allocated to dorms, students may not transfer to empty spaces in other dorms.
  3. BOT Prince House residents may not transfer with on-campus dorm residents.

 If you have any inquiries please contact Ms. Lin Shih-Mei: or (02)3366-2266

Best Regards   
Student Housing Service Division

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